• Will Arnott air suspension parts ride differently from the originals?
    No. Arnott air springs are just like the originals. You will not notice any difference in ride quality. Arnott designs its air springs with the same spring rate and load capabilities set by the original manufacturer.

  • How long do air suspension parts last?
    Air springs normally last 90,000 to 160,000 kilometers. Over this time, the rubber bladder dries out, and cracks appear around the bottom piston. Compressors usually wear out because of leaky air springs. However, the computer and height sensors generally last the life of the vehicle.

  • Why do some of your compressors look different from the original factory part?
    Some Arnott compressors feature improvements to the original design. For example, the aftermarket compressor for the Lincoln Continental Mark VIII has an internal filter rather than an external filter. Also, sometimes customers confuse the air suspension compressor with the ABS (brakes) compressor. The ABS compressor will have metal lines, rather than plastic.

  • Do Arnott products include instructions?
    Most Arnott parts include manuals, however some do not. If available, instructions will be shipped along with your part. In addition, installation manuals can be downloaded from the Arnott Main Website - Manuals and should come with your part. Arnott also has a wide selection of Installation Videos that are linked from the available product pages or from the Arnott Main Website - Videos page.

  • Do I have to weld or modify my car to make your coil spring conversion kits fit?
    Absolutely not! Arnott conversion kits are designed to bolt directly to your vehicle's suspension. No special tools are necessary to install Arnott conversion kits. Arnott kits come preassembled and ready to bolt in. All Arnott suspension brackets are specifically engineered for your vehicle, and CNC-machined at the Arnott factory in Merritt Island, FL.

  • Should I replace the air suspension parts or just convert my car to coil springs?
    If you like the load-leveling capabilities, or if you tow with your vehicle, then you should repair the air suspension system. If you are tired of replacing the many components of which your air suspension consists, then the coil spring conversion kit should be perfect for you.

  • Should I replace the air dryer along with my leaky air springs?
    Yes. Arnott highly recommends changing the air suspension dryer when you have had a leak in the system. The air dryer becomes saturated with moisture when the compressor is overworked because of a leak in the system. Replacing the air dryer will prolong the life of your air compressor and air spring solenoids.

  • How do I remove the air lines from my compressor dryer or solenoid?
    The air lines are removed by pushing in on the fitting and pulling out on the line at the same time. The fitting usually has an orange plastic ring around it. If it does not, that is okay ... simply push in on the brass fitting instead.

  • What is the difference between your new air shock (AS-2127) and your rebuilt air shock (AS-2411)?

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  • I installed your shocks (AS-2700, SK-2649, or SK-2671). However, now my ABS and Stability Traction control light is on. What do I do?
    There’s an ABS sensor along the frame rail near the top mount on the shock. It is possible that this may be disconnected. If it is, plug it back in and the message should go away.

  • How can I tell if my Mercedes S-Class is equipped with AIRMATIC® or ABC?
    AIRMATIC® is a Mercedes trademark for air suspension. ABC stands for Active Body Control. ABC was a rare option on all S-Class models. ABC, however, was standard on all S-600, S-55, S-63, and S-65 models. You can tell which suspension you have by opening the hood of your car and examining the top of the shock absorber.

    If the car is equipped with AIRMATIC, you will have obvious air lines leading from the top of the shocks.

    If your car is equipped with ABC, you will have small black electrical plugs leading into the top of both shocks.

  • What is ADS? How can I tell if my Mercedes is equipped with ADS suspension?
    ADS stands for Active Dampening System. ADS is standard on all GL550 and ML trucks equipped with AIRMATIC. ADS was optional on all other GL models such as the GL320, GL350, and GL450. You can easily check to see if your truck is equipped with ADS by examining the AIRMATIC control buttons located on the dash panel below the Air Conditioning controls. Please see pictures below.

  • How can I tell if my Cadillac is a Concours or an ETC model?
    The vehicle should be labeled as such on the rear or side doors.